Long Time No See!

Ok hi! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here. I always wonder if I’m talking into the Void, and either don’t blog at all or post it over on Tumblr, where I know it will get at least a cursory glance from at least a few people. But I also know if I want to get followers I need to have content. So, here we go:

So I’ve been out of work since the middle of March, and officially unemployed since March 31. I do have a job now, though! I start May 30th, next Tuesday. It’s a mortgage company, and I’ll be in post-closing. I’m kind of excited? I can’t lie – being at home is WONDERFUL, lol. I know in my heart I was meant to live a life of leisure, even though I hardly slept in at all, due to having to get up very early to bring the kid to school.

Speaking of the kid: Monday was his 18th birthday and yesterday he graduated from high school. Yay! I am so happy. I’m excited for him. Today he got his voter ID card. He also told me he wants a tattoo. I’m all for it, but I want him to get something he won’t regret. It’s his life, though. He’s gotta do him.

So now that I have a job, I’ve got to start thinking about the future. I will have income, and not be on Unemployment Assistance, so things will be getting back to normal. I still will be living (even more) paycheck to paycheck, and not have any money for savings (or to pay off credit card bills) and that is not a way to live. As the kid is going to college, I need to, too.

But what to do? I want to do one of two things: Registered Dietician or Landscape Architect. That last one has a ton of overhead, though. I have an online friend who is a landscaper (technically a Master Gardner) and she is self-employed and oh gosh, do I envy her. She gets to be her own boss and work with her hands. I think that she had some kind of income/savings already, and I’m starting from nothing.

But still, since I’ve become plant-based, I’ve wanted to teach others about it. You can’t help but get excited about this lifestyle. So that’s why I want to get a degree in Nutrition or become a Registered Dietician so I can consult people (maybe people at risk or who have heart disease?). Not eating animals is still considered controversial, even among health professionals, so I think the more of us out there can help change minds.
So those are the two ideas I have. What do you think? I hate being stuck at a desk all day, it makes me so sad and makes my body hurt. I’m tired of making just enough money to (barely) live but not be able to save for my future, or for emergencies.

I am going to try my best to blog every day, and then when I have some money I want to get my own domain. I love to write as much as I like to talk, but I find this to be even easier than striking up a conversation with someone. Ok, guys, talk to you later!


I Love Weekends! (even If I’ve been home for two weeks)

Offical day two of being plant based, and oh gosh well, I have wanted all kinds of food I’m not supposed to be eating. We went to Aldi and hooked up, both the kid and I. Their processed stuff was way more expensive than what I found. They bought meat and like, hazelnut spread and I bought dates and flax seed. LOL, That sounds so awful. I didn’t mean that! But I am jealous of the sloppy joe he gets. I’m going to search for a vegan alternative.

I have been reading about the power of attraction. A YouTuber I follow talked about how she got everything she wanted (she’s pretty successful) and attributes it to positive thinking and envisioning what she wanted in life. You’re supposed to write a letter (to whoever) and talk about how your life would be going if you had your ideal life. Then read it to yourself every morning and evening and reflect on it and you’ll start to unconsciously do things that get you toward that. I know – I’m like, THE most cynical person on the planet. How could it work? I don’t know, a lot of successful people believe in it. And honestly: is sitting around thinking, “I have depression so I have to think depressing thoughts,” actually working for you? It’s not for me. There is absolutely ZERO percent harm in thinking positively. Even if you think it’s bullshit and laugh at yourself while you’re doing it, after a while, it might become a habit. I firmly believe it takes 21 days of repetition to create a new habit. And I quit drinking, smoking and drinking caffeine cold turkey so I know it can be done. (Oh god not all at the same time but close!)

I am selling a lot of my old DVDs here and I sold five today! I still have over 50 to sell so if you see something interesting get it now! I’m a huge geek so most of my collection leans that way.

No hockey game tonight (boo) but I plan to package all my DVDs and watch the rest of Vegucated on Netflix.

An Introduction:

Hi out there! My name is Sara. I’ll be 42 in April, I live in Florida, I am a single mother to a teenager going off to college, I am between jobs, and I am just starting to live a plant-based lifestyle in order to lose weight and feel better. Wow, that’s a lot going on! Yes, it is. But I’m excited!

Some things I’m looking forward to in the future are: becoming self-sufficient so I don’t have to go back to corporate America, feeling and looking better on this new plant-based journey, seeing my kid graduate high school and move on to the next stage in their lives, and (hopefully) not only moving out of my current residence, but moving to a different state!

What else? Well, I love hockey! I am new to the sport; I’ve been watching since the World Cup in October. My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins because every one of the team excels at the game. I also think the team’s charity work is amazing and their social media game is on point. They’re just an all-around classy organization. I have two friends I watch the game with. One lives near me and one lives in Europe! We hang out on Twitter and celebrate and commiserate with each other; it’s a lot of fun!

I don’t watch (or even own) a TV but I spend a lot of time online, so I am pretty well informed of what’s going on. I love movies, the geekier the better. I’m a Marvel fan. My favorite movies are Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Blazing Saddles, Guys and Dolls, and The Sound of Music. My favorite music ranges from rap to pop to folk. Honestly!

I hope you enjoy my rambles, but really this is just a place to put all my thoughts so I can get them out of my brain. I always feel better after I’ve written my thoughts down. It’s the best way to vent, in my opinion. Bye for now!