Let’s Go Shopping!

Someone on a WFPB Facebook group I’m in just posted that they spent over $350 on a week’s worth of food and still couldn’t come up with a week’s worth of meals from it. However, they had things like 5 large containers of name brand coconut water, and we were all like, “no.” So I told them what I buy and stay around $75 a week. I want to share it with you.

When I was omni, we shopped at Publix, but it’s terribly expensive. Then we started going to Aldi and shopped there for about six months. I loved it but it still didn’t have everything I needed. So we went to Walmart. It’s slightly more expensive than Aldi, but has such a huge selection of food and the price difference isn’t that much. I have been able to get my weekly food bill down from $100-$120 at Publix (while I was omni) to $75 at Walmart (while my kid is still omni). Also, the grocery pick up service is so convenient. Here is an example of what I buy on a weekly basis, but I’m using this week’s order as an example:

Store brand almond milk, 5 lb bag of potatoes ($1.97 this week!), 3 lbs of sweet potatoes (they’re small so you get a few), 5lbs of white rice, 12oz each of lentils and peas (both less than a dollar), canned chickpeas and a tetra pak of crushed tomatoes, tofu, Gardein chick’n, a bag of pre-diced butternut squash, frozen Birds Eye veggies ($1 each!), 10 bananas, 2 bags of lemons, a bag of limes, store brand frozen stir fry mix, 28 oz organic coconut oil, a green bell pepper, 34oz natural Heinz ketchup, pita chips, and a mango. And on top of that, but still within the $75 budget, I bought things for the omni kid like chicken nuggets, a gallon of cow milk, breakfast Hot Pockets, and a huge box of fruit cereal bars. (He’s a work in progress.)

With this, I am going to make over the next couple of weeks: tons of oven fries (white and sweet potatoes), tons of rice, vegetable soup with lentils, pea soup, and some kind of soup with that beautiful bag of squash!, breakfast for a work week (the bananas, plus the clementines I have left over from last week), chick’n salads, and meals of chick’n, rice and veggies, smoothies (with bananas and some spinach from last week), oatmeal (with a huge container I got a couple of weeks ago), tofu stir fry (the kid’s idea – yay!), tons of fresh-squeezed lemonade (sweetener instead of sugar of course), hummus (that’s what the chickpeas and pita chips are for), and spaghetti sauce.

Now, I shop every week. I always need milk, bananas, lemons, gardein products and to restock veggies. But, lol, sitting here writing out all of my plans with this bounty, I can’t imagine what I’ll need besides those few things next week! Plus, I still have two jars of that chili I made Sunday. (I need to eat that tonight.)

I hope this helps give you an idea of how cheap it can be to buy mostly good stuff, and what you can make with it.


‘Tis the Season (of Food Everywhere You Look)

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and that means food. Lots of it. And it seems that most of it has some sort of animal product in it. My office had a potluck on Tuesday, and everywhere I turned something was off limits. Even the green beans had bacon in it! I had a plan and brought a container of chili and my trusty bottle of hot sauce. And the first person who asked me what I was doing I told them that I was not going to engage in discussion about my diet. But actually it didn’t go bad. The coworkers I sat near were very interested in my chili and one even borrowed my hot sauce, lol. I did actually find some things to eat, but I am not 100% sure they were completely vegan, like yellow rice and cornbread, and store made mashed potatoes. I can’t beat myself up over it.

Also, when I’m talking about work, one of my coworkers told me that my face looked thinner. I was very flattered. I don’t see it, but I’ll take her word for it. She and I had had a talk a few weeks ago, at our last potluck, when I told everyone about my new lifestyle. She was very interested and told me her son was a pescatarian. I told her about Forks Over Knives and the Instant Pot. Well, when she told me about my face, she said, “I’ll be joining you as soon as the holidays are over.” I don’t know if she meant plant-based or pescatarian or just a calorie restriction. But I hope I had some influence on her, and she does it a healthy way.

So to get on with the big day, what did I do about our feast? First of all, it was just me and the kid (who is 18 in case you didn’t know). His whole life, he’s not been a huge fan of the food traditionally served at Thanksgiving. He’s not a fan of roast turkday, hates cranberries and really hates stuffing (sacrelidge!). So when it’s just him and me, which it usually is, we go out to eat at whatever is open. But this year we stayed home. Becuase I had plans!

See, a few days ago I was at work, and the kid texted me saying he was going to buy a hamburger. I was like, “no please don’t!” and we went back and forth. I said, instead let’s go to Whole Foods and I’ll buy you a Beyond Burger and I bet you’re just as happy. He agreed, so that night we went to Whole Foods (only the second time in my life!) We found the Beyond Burger (not very well displayed, in my opinion), but the kid also found the hot buffet. So our plans to eat it that night went away. (I ended up eating falafel. First time for that, too, lol.)

So tonight we had the burgers. I sauteed some onions in coconut oil, then added the burgers to the same pan. I sprinkled some Tony Charcare’s and garlic powder on them. I cooked the for about five minutes on each side, until they had a nice crust. Then I had mine with the grilled onions, ketchup, mustard, and pickle. We also had oven baked potato wedges and iceberg lettuce salad with bell peppers, tomatoes, kalamata olives and store bought Italian dressing. But the burger – it was SO GOOD! And my kid? LOVED IT. He said if he didn’t know it was plant based he never would have guessed. So that’s a seal of approval! And I was full but not that miserable full that you get when you stuff yourself silly. I will never miss that. To round out our day, we watched Spiderman: Homecoming (which was amazing! I’m a huge Marvel fan.) and I ate two squares of Ghirardelli 72% cacao chocolate. I am still working on not overeating, thought, and becasue I don’t feel crazy full, I am still thinking about food. We have some potato left, so I might eat that. It’s been about three hours since we ate, and I’m not going to bed soon, so I probably will eat a little something before then.

So begins the holiday season! I hope you find your balance with food being offered at every turn, and make wise eating decisions!



Yet Another Food Experiment

I don’t know what I just cooked! I tried to make chili, but I don’t think I used enough chili powder and I didn’t add any salt (but that’s not a complaint). So here it is:

1 medium yellow onion
2 very small sweet potatoes (idk i just threw them in but they’re great)
1 green bell pepper
1 heaping tablespoon minced garlic
2 can diced tomatoes
1 can Bush’s kidney beans in chili sauce
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
1 tiny can green chilies
1 lb bag of green lentils
1 tsp vegetable buillion

Maybe 6 cups of water? Enough to cover it in my 6qt Instant Pot

The spices were (and I’m guessing measurements here although I did use a measuring spoon):

3 tsp chili powder
2 tsp chipotle powder
1 tsp cinnamon (some cultures put this in their savory stuff)
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp cumin

What I’d change next time:

Exchange 1 can of diced tomatoes for a can of tomato sauce
It needs salt. But I’m loathe to just start pouring it in. Plus, I need to get over salt. Salt bad.
Add one more teaspoon each of all the seasonings. The green chilies said “medium” but this stuff has no heat at all. Of course, you do you. I like a little heat, but a ~little~ iykwim.

I want to make some rice now.


Rundown of Things I Do/Do Not Eat

What I don’t eat: No meat, seafood, or dairy/cheese/butter (I think I miss butter on popcorn the most!). No sugar, desserts, sweets, candy, or sweetened chocolate. No caffeine or alcohol (honestly I haven’t had either since 2008). No vegetable or olive oil. No mayonnaise/veganaise. No honey, or BBQ sauce (lol I used to use both of these for chicken nuggets). No soda (diet or otherwise), no fruit juice. No breakfast cereal. No restaurants (except Chipotle – see below), even if they have vegan options (like Taco Bell which I really haven’t explored yet but I’m just staying away). I miss breakfast at Perkins 😥

What I still eat that I probably shouldn’t, and all of this I try to go REALLY easy on: salted peanuts and pretzels (we get them free at work), tortilla chips, processed salsa, artificial sweetener (Splenda, but only in lemonade, so not a ton), processed vegan food (Gardein meatless chicken strips and pizza pockets), processed whole grain sandwich bread, processed peanut butter, vegan margarine, coconut oil, white pasta. Maple syrup (a lot of people say this is the only acceptable sweetener but I try not to use a lot). Salt (mostly in the Cajun seasoning blend and the veggie bouillion I use in soup). Hot sauce. Ketchup. Chipotle (sofritas, white rice, fajita veggies, mild salsa and guacamole). French bread.

What I eat a lot more of now: vegetables (in soup mostly) that I always have around: celery, carrots, onions, white potatoes, mushrooms, garlic. Frozen vegetables: corn, broccoli, green beans, peas. Sweet potatoes. Tomatoes in cans (like to make spaghetti sauce with). Nutritional yeast. Lemons and limes (in lemonade) and mandarin oranges. Bananas (for breakfast/snacks and smoothies), spinach, frozen fruit (in smoothies). Mangoes. Chickpeas (in hummus – which I make, and “tuna” salad – which I haven’t made since I gave up mayo and veganaise), lentils (in soup, chili, and sloppy joes). Unsweetened almond milk. Oatmeal. Tons of herbs and spices (like chipotle and garlic powders).

What I am supposed to eat but I really don’t like: avocados (yes I eat a little guac but only on Chipotle I really don’t love it), black beans (ugh), tofu (I really tried but it feels like egg and I hate egg), raw tomatoes (I force myself to eat them), chickpeas by themselves (they seriously taste awful until you make them into hummus, lol). I haven’t tried seitan only because it looks gross and I can’t imagine a boiled mass of wheat gluten is healthy. I can’t think of anything else that I hate so much I refuse to eat it.

What should I seriously cut out and what should I be adding to my diet?

I’m Only a Morning Person on the Weekends

I’m waiting for the text that tells me my Walmart grocery order is ready for pickup, and I have been berating myself for not posting in awhile, so here I am. I don’t have much to report, but I did want to talk about a major improvement to my body that I’m pretty sure has direct relation to my diet. Then I’ll talk about what I’ve been eating lately.

So the thing I’ve noticed about my body is that I used to be plagued with muscle spasms in my rib and abdominal muscles. They were as painful as Charlie horses. I would get them at work, in bed, when I tried to get up from lying down, and for no reason at all. I read it was probably from inactivity but I also read that people with MS get them around their rib cages (the “MS hug”) so I was kind of freaking out. I even went to my doctor about them. But in the last few weeks, I haven’t had one. And obviously I’ve noticed, because they were such a constant part of my life and a source of major pain. So I’m definitely attributing their absence to my change in diet.

Last Sunday I made another soup in the Instant Pot. I wanted something very stew-like, but I’m having a hard time finding things to thicken it up that does not include flour. I added a ton more potatoes, becasue I know that the starch in them will help. The soup consisted of: white potatoes, carrots, celery, white mushrooms, grape (smaller than cherry) tomatoes, onion, and garlic. I used Better Than Bouillion vegetable base, Tony Charchare’s, chipotle powder, garlic powder, bay leaf, italian herb blend, and basil. Pretty much everything in my cupboard. I ate two bowls for dinner, then put the rest in three liter jars for lunches.

For the other two days of lunches, I have been really into Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, which is pretty much wing sauce. I sauteed some Gardein Meatless Chicken Strips and coated them in the hot sauce, and made up two divided containers of that, frozen mixed veggies, and some brown rice. I had made WAY too much brown rice in the Instant Pot on Monday, so I ate that a couple of times for dinner, too.

I’ve been bringing two bananas and three clementines to work every day for breakfast and snacks. Then I’ll eat a small cup of peanuts as well. The peanuts are really good at filling me up.

For dinner, I ate the meatless chicken strips with hot sauce twice, and berry/banana/spinach smoothies a couple of times, and a couple of times I had peanut butter toast. I also ate sweet potato fries last night.

I’m still struggling with my salt and oil intake. The soup had a lot of sodium, from the bouillion and the Tony’s, and the peanuts and the hot sauce have a lot, too. But I’ve cut down the amount of peanuts I eat at work, and I try not to overdo it on the hot sauce. As for oil, I’ve been using Earth Balance Olive Oil spread on my rice and bread, and I cook with Organic virgin coconut oil. Not a ton of either, mind you, but I’m having a hard time with feeling like I’m missing something if I don’t. So I have to work on that. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Yay, Weekend

It’s been a few days, I know. My diet has been pretty uneventful this week. A new thing I ate (twice) is a sofritas burrito bowl from Chipotle. I like it lot. I got with white rice, fajita veggies, guac and mild salsa. But eating that, along with the other things I’ve been eating (yam and potato fries, lot of peanuts and pretzels at work) means I’ve been ingesting a TON of sodium. And this is not recent. I’ve always had a salt heavy diet. I crave salty things more than sweet. And I love sweets. But like, I can eat a half a bag of tortilla chips no problem. And that’s not what I wanted from this diet change. I wanted less fat/oil, less sugar and less salt.

I’ve been pretty good on the sugar front. I am eating a lot of fruit (albeit in smoothies) and I haven’t had anything really sugary (like dessert or snacks) in a while. I don’t even crave sweets anymore. As for oil, the chips, of course. And I’ve been tossing my yam and potato fries in coconut oil before I bake them. I just don’t like that weird smooth texture they get when they’re baked dry. So yeah, I have to work on oil. But salt is still a major problem. Yesterday I didn’t bring lunch to work so I had two breaks where I ate a cup of pretzels each. Then I ate the sofritas Chipotle for a late lunch. For dinner I had a smoothie with mango, mixed berries, spinach, and almond milk.

So today I had oatmeal (no salt) with Earth Balance and almond milk. That was around 1pm, becasue I got up late, and then I just had two pieces of whole grain toast with peanut butter around 4? The oatmeal really filled me up, which it exactly what it’s supppose to do. I was feeling munchy, and the peanut butter has enough sugar that it satisfied that craving for a while. Now I’m home for the night, and I’m trying this snack I got as a promo called Vea. It’s Thai coconut flavored crispy sweet potato bars. They’re pretty good for a “healthy” processed snack.

My good deed for the day was cleaning the main living area of my apartment, which is a living/dining/sun room. And my kid actually cleaned the kitchen without complaint. We are so bad at housekeeping. But we threw on some music and got moving, and everything looks so much better now.

Sunday Funday

Another thing I’m working on besides what I eat, is kind of cleaning up my life a little. Like, I started doing one thing a day. I call is my Good Deed, except it’s probably not “good” for anyone except me. Like, one morning before work I sorted my “floordrobe” (that clean clothes pile in the basket/on the chair/floor). Yesterday was actually getting out of the house for something other than groceries. Today I offered to help the Kid with his massive floordrobe (more like a closet full of clothes of indeterminate cleanliness). We bagged up give-away and throw-away clothes and did a couple of washes, and I we cleaned out his chest of drawers. He had TWO drawers full of mismatched socks! Then we went into my closet and I got rid of everything I keep hold on to but never wear. You know that feeling, “oh I’ll wear it someday/when I lose weight,” meanwhile it’s old and hopelessly out of style.

For breakfast I ate an English muffin (I honestly don’t know what’s in those) and peanut butter. Then for lunch I ate the dreaded mayo-having buffalo chick’n wrap. I snacked on the “cheese” I made last night (honestly we have to think of a name for it) and chips, and for dinner I’m making vegetable soup sans lentils. I just ate that all last week and I didn’t want it again. But soup is the easiest (for me) to make and transport. This soup was a cleaning out the fridge special and had potatoes (5 small) because they’re the best, two onions, three carrots and three stalks of celery, a ton of garlic (garlic = life), not as much Better Than Bouillon as last time, Tony Chachere’s, basil, Italian herb mix, garlic powder, onion powder, and chipotle powder (I love the kick it gives stuff without being too spicy). Pretty much the same stuff I put in all my soups. Then I added water to cover, gave it a stir, and set the Instant Pot for “Soup” which is equal to 30 minute

I want to pimp/promo something I’ve done twice now and I love and I want to share. Last year I had a grocery delivery service, which was awesome. I don’t hate grocery shopping, but who loves it, either? Plus, I am a complete impulse shopper and most of the time will blow my budget (and my diet) by buying whatever looks good (hello, donuts!). But being able to shop online keeps me focused and gives me more time to think about menus and avoid seeing and grabbing off the shelves. Alas, the service we used charged a monthly fee, and added a charge to all the food. So it was expensive. I am not going to name the company; they pretty much all work like that. But a couple weekends ago, I tried the Walmart Grocery pick up service. I know, there is a lot to deride Walmart over. But I can keep under budget while having a wider selection than Aldi (which is where I shopped most recently and mostly loved), and has a wide selection of international and organic stock. And they don’t charge a monthly fee and they don’t (as far as I know) upcharge the stock to provide this service. So anyway, the gist is you make the order and pick it up at the store, by parking in the designated parking spot and letting them know you’re there (the app/email tells you if you’re order is ready, and from my experience, it’s usually ready early). They bring it out to your car and load your trunk. And the first time we went they gave us a gift bag with a drink and body wash and coupons! So I’m going to give you my affiliate link, which will give you $10 off $50 on your first order. That is here. And really, I am super happy with the service. If they have to make a substitution, they don’t charge you the difference (they were out of store brand so I got name brand for the same price). The app and the site are really easy to use. This is groceries only for the most part, so you can’t like, buy a TV or clothes, lol. But anyway, give it a whirl. I hope you do and you like it.