An Actual #100Days Activity! (Day 29)

So there’s comes a point where it’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post that I have to go back and read to make sure I’m not repeating anything. *goes off to do that*


So anyway, I just finished balancing my budget. I have a spreadsheet that is essentially just my bank statement, but I can add future stuff in there, and I’ve got it estimated for the next year. I got such a feeling of accomplishment, becasue I hadn’t been able to balance it, so I started over and it worked this time. Things are differenct now that I’ve paid off my car, but I’m still way behind on credit card payments due to be being poor and then out of work. LOL I’m still poor but now I have income (yay!)

So one of the things I decided to do was pay someone to deep clean the house. My hatred of cleaning, plus mental illness, plus busy schedules, plus exhaustion, makes us never want to do anything that would be considered unpaid labor. I am not a domestic godess, to the despair of my mom and sister, whose lives revolve around cleaning. So I got onto a local facebook group and asked. And it turns out the admin of the group owns their own (green) cleaning business. So I emailed them, and they came over the other night to see the damage and give me a quote. And we have so much in common! Our kids graduated together (they don’t know each other) and we have a lot of the same interests and ideals (meaning she’s liberal unlike most of the people around here, lol). I had already talked to one person, and this chick’s quote was much better, and while I thought I didn’t care about being green, I actually do. So she’s coming Wednesday and then I think I’ll have her come back every two weeks.

The kid just came back from a week at his Dad’s family’s in Alabama. They spoil him so bad. He got new shoes and dined out almost every meal. They don’t do it for him specifially, that’s just how they live. Then on Labor Day weekend, he and his Dad are driving up there and the Kid gets his Aunt’s truck. So I have from between now and then to teach him how to drive, and get him his driver’s license. Daunting task.

Ok well I promised myself that I’d get rid of some old stuff before the cleaning lady comes. I want to make a real fresh start!


Author: Sara

Hi! I'm an over-40 mother of one and I decided that I did not want to be overweight and unhealthy anymore! I am literally starting from the beginning so join me as I start a healthy plant-based lifestyle!

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