Don’t Don’t Don’t Let’s Start (Day 15)

It’s been a minute and a half since I’ve written, and honestly, I’m going to have to stop apologizing, because I’m about as good as keeping up with this as I am sending out birthday cards, which is to say, awful. So that’s just part of the deal.

But see, there’s not so much to report. I go to work every day, I come home, harrass the kid, think about eating dinner, get online, stay up too late, and go to bed. Then I wake up barely in time to get to work on time, have a not-horrible day at work, come home, and do it again.

We didn’t do anything last weekend, which was great. We had gone grocery shopping in the middle of last week, so we didn’t need to go again so soon. And that means I didn’t spend any money, which is A+.

There’s this guy, named Mr. Zess, who cooks Jamaican food, and then brings it into work every Friday, and we buy it from him (we place our orders Thursday). He cooks jerk chicken, jerk pork, stewed chicken, and oxtail. It’s served with rice (with spices and beans) and veggies (mostly cabbage with some peas and corn). He also makes beef patties, which are like meat pies or empanadas. All of it is very spicy and very delicious. Once you’ve had it, you want it again and again.

Yesterday, I ordered for Pat and I (I bring his home), but we’re kind of in a middle-of-the-month slump, so I wasn’t busy at all. So I invited Pat to come see work and eat with me. So he took a Lyft and met me, and he met all my co-workers (even the Chadwick Bozeman-looklike also named Patrick, lol) and then we sat in the breakroom and ate. It was nice. He got out of the house, and we both broke up the monotony of our days.

It’s already noon, and I’ve done the dishes and eaten the leftover food, and I turned on the oven to bake the rest of the cookie dough we made last night, but I am SO full on the Jamaican leftovers that I can’t even contemplate something else right now. I’ll think about waking Pat up in a bit. Last night we were watching LotR but I went to bed so maybe we can finish that.


Author: Sara

Hi! I'm an over-40 mother of one and I decided that I did not want to be overweight and unhealthy anymore! I am literally starting from the beginning so join me as I start a healthy plant-based lifestyle!

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