Happy Birthday, Amurika! (Day 4)

Oh man getting this just under the wire!

So last night I stayed up way too late and slept in until past noon. Way to go, me. The kid has a friend who was in a singing contest at the town’s next to us (the one the high school is in) Fourth of July celebration. We were supposed to go at 6pm, but at 5, the thunder was rolling and things looked grim. I didn’t really care because I didn’t even think I wanted to go.

(Oh crap, I got distracted by a message online and now it’s past midnight and I’ve failed. But I’m going to post this anyway.)

So anywho, I decided to go, even though I don’t like socializing and I especially don’t want to be around a bunch of AMURICANS (woo hoo) but off I went. And I had a good time! I talked to my kid’s BFF’s mom and listened to some truly awful music but I also saw some beautiful fireworks and that was awesome. Now it’s 12:17am on a workday and I’m messing around online and it’s really time to go to bed. Night, all!


Author: Sara

Hi! I'm an over-40 mother of one and I decided that I did not want to be overweight and unhealthy anymore! I am literally starting from the beginning so join me as I start a healthy plant-based lifestyle!

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