Oh, Maybe Another Time? (Day 3)

Oh a blog post! Barely. Some nights, guys, I’m just not going to have anything to say. But I’ve never been fully speechless so I’ll figure it out.

Today I got to work and my supervisor (a lead not a manager) told me she was cool with me working by myself now. The other lady (in her 60s) who is training with me is having a hard time learning the ropes. Mainly, the computer. And my lead has to focus her attention on her. She says that I’m doing great and most of the things she catches are minor. I know how to work the system, and scan, and upload to our clients, so I’m good. So yeah. I asked her a ton of questions on IM, and she came over a few times, but I don’t have to hand her my work for her to check, which usually takes half a day. So yay.

My family is going through a crisis right now in regards to my mother’s health. She’s not doing well, at all, and she’s almost 78, and she doesn’t want to go through any crazy life saving measures (she has had treatments), so we’re just waiting and seeing. But my step dad asked me today to talk to my sister,, who I desperately try to avoid, because of HER issues, and try to make peace with her to make my mom happy. So I texted her and she texted back and we started talking. But then she started getting mad and saying things to start a fight, so I said, “ok well goodnight!” and was done. But then she said “we can’t tell mom we’re fighting” and I’m like, we’re fighting? ok. So I don’t know. I’ll keep trying, but I won’t get in the middle of her mess.

Tomorrow is Independence Day and I have no plans. There’s a thing next to the high school that the kid is going to. Depending on how late it goes, I may join him. I haven’t seen real fireworks in years. Other than that I have to go to the store to buy all the stuff I couldn’t buy (or forgot) yesterday.

Oh yes, and before I forget, I made stew last night with onion, carrots, potato and mushroom and ate that for dinner and for lunch today. I did not have breakfast. Then we both had curry for dinner. One can only have so much curry. I think I’m curried out.


Author: Sara

Hi! I'm an over-40 mother of one and I decided that I did not want to be overweight and unhealthy anymore! I am literally starting from the beginning so join me as I start a healthy plant-based lifestyle!

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